Presto – Customizable Modular Home

Presto is a modular house from Recon for families and couples who want to have a modern, spacious, and energy-efficient home. Presto can be modified depending on the needs. Your dream home is closer than you think.

Recon homes fit the life you live, and not the other way around. Everything is up to you with few limitations in style or design, today is the day you can start creating the space where you’ll love to live.

The most optimal Recon House option has:

  • fully furnished bathroom
  • staircase
  • triple glazed windows
  • terrace
  • front door
  • electric heating
  • all plumbing, including main water input & output connection point
  • electrical wiring, light switches, power points, stove connection outlet, and main power input connection point for your domestic installations.

Recon House can be modified around your needs and budget.

Presto Floorplan Options

Link to Floorplans PDF

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