Family – Modern Living Modular Home

FAMILY is the biggest house model in the HOMM range, which makes it especially comfortable as a permanent residence for a family.

The FAMILY has two separate bedrooms in this house, so FAMILY residents can enjoy privacy, while the spacious living room will allow them to spend time together. Large windows connect the internal space of the house with its surroundings, giving a sense of freedom. At the same time, blindside façade allows the residents to maintain their privacy. Just like all HOMM models, FAMILY is very cost-efficient. Advanced utility infrastructure ensures low electricity consumption every day at any time of the year.

FAMILY is warm because it is made of high-quality and organic heat insulation materials as well as triple-glass windows with warm-core profile aluminium. In this HOMM model you will find all the equipment and appliances for comfortable living: kitchen appliances, bathroom, shower chamber, LED lighting, heating and ventilation systems, all supplied to HOMM by reliable manufacturers that provide warranties for the equipment and appliances throughout all of Europe.

Thoroughly installed utility infrastructure will make your HOMM one of the most cost-efficient houses on the market and will allow you to save 25-30% on your electricity costs. This house is usually chosen by families of three to four people; however, it is also great for a weekend hideaway, short-term accommodation or as a guest house. FAMILY model is made by combining three modules that need to be connected together but its construction takes no longer than a day.

There is also a possibility to relocate the house to another location should you decide to move.

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