Together we provide the ideal solution for forward-looking municipalities, cooperations, architects, developers and private clients to realize new projects, 

Habitat’s 4D know-how of where and what to produce in Northern Europe is unparalleled. If you didn’t find here what you are looking for, example 1-2 family 55 m2 housing concepts, multi-family buildings please contact us and “we will make it work “.

Our manufacturing partners have years of experience in delivering housing projects, stress-free, on time, within budget and affordable.

Today a wide variety of buildings are prefabricated as separate modules or assembled on-site at the agreed price. Exceeding EU building codes and local regulations, for example, the bouwbesluit ++ and BENG in the Netherlands. Build to last for harsh winters and hot summers with near-zero- energy efficiency.

Factory visits can be organized for interested parties.Habitat4D offers a one-stop-shop of the best manufacturers providing the latest in prefabricated building solutions and materials to guarantee that your next turnkey construction project is at the forefront of innovation.


Comparison of traditional and modular construction

Conventional building


Time consuming




Unexpected delays


More expensive

The conventional on-site building method with brick and mortar is a slow, non-renewable way of construction. Often with a delayed completion date due to bad weather, or other uncontrollable circumstances and usually more expensive than originally quoted.

Prefabricated wood and metal frame modular construction


Less time consuming




More effective


Less expensive

Is a more advanced off-site manufacturing process in a controlled ecological sound environment. A modern building system with higher efficiency, higher quality, less waste, fast manufacturing turn around, lower costs, overall time savings and customizable.

Our partner manufacturers


Customizable modular homes & bathroom pods


Modern minimalist modular homes