Panelo offers wooden sandwich panels with high efficient insulation that is also a stand-alone load-bearing system. Very robust LVL panels using innovative technology with environmentally friendly new advanced HFO closed cell, foaming agent for insulation.

The benefits of using Panelo panels for your new construction project are:

  • Faster building – panels are produced in a factory and easy to install on-site.
  • High efficient insulation – panels are suitable for low energy and passive houses. λ=0,025 W/mK
  • Less workforce on-site – Smaller costs on the workforce on-site. Fewer problems.
  • More floor space – Thinner walls give more space. Every 10 meters of PANELO wall gives 1 m2 more floor space.
  • No thermal bridges – Connections between elements leave no thermal bridges.
  • No mould in the structure – Thanks to HFO closed cell insulation & innovative technology there is
    no moisture, no air, no mould in PANELO structures.

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